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Jun. 6, 2020
4:17 pm


Abandoned houseboat leaves Lanier

By Pamela A. Keene

Another eyesore on Lake Lanier’s shoreline is finally gone. After more than two years of legal research, soliciting funding and lining up sponsors and skilled suppliers, the Lake Lanier Association has bid adieu to a massive abandoned houseboat on the north end of the lake.

“This has been a long time coming and we’re glad to finally have the houseboat off the lake,” said Joanna Cloud, executive director of the Lake Lanier Association, who spearheaded the removal. “Part of the challenge is that the houseboat needed to be moved into a more land-accessible area before we could actually get it out of the lake. It had been abandoned in a remote part of the lake near marker 28C and any access was difficult.”

Late in 2014, the association initiated moving the boat to a construction site near Latham Creek  where Marine Specialties Inc. was completing a rip-rap job. “Tom Child and his staff are always so willing to step up and help us,” Cloud said. “They were able to pull the abandoned boat for us so that we could move on to the next step.”

Then Cloud set about finding additional sponsors and suppliers who could dissemble the boat and haul it away by land. Several companies stepped forward, including Ryan Bennett, of Lanier Dock Systems, and Chris Jones, who owns a salvage company. “It was a happy coincidence to meet them both at the Atlanta Boat Show in January,” she said. “It turned out we needed additional assistance and worked with Greg Mason of Lakeside Transport, who had a large trailer to help us haul the boat away. Once he was in the mix and we found out that he had the equipment we needed, I knew we were golden.”

The boat was finally removed in mid-February; it was taken to a salvage yard for scrap. “Granted, it sat at Latham Creek longer than we – and I’m sure the area residents – wanted it to, but we are so thankful that it’s finally off the lake.”

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