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May. 21, 2018
2:56 pm


Abandoned vessel removals continue

By Pamela A. Keene 
Nicknamed the “Ruskie” because it was abandoned in front of a $2 million home rumored to have been owned by a Russian, another houseboat eyesore has been removed from Lake Lanier. And while the Lake Lanier Association was involved peripherally, the work was done without funds from the organization or its usual partners.
“The real estate agent/property manager for the bank that handled the property facilitated the removal of the houseboat that had been on our radar for two years,” said John Barker with the association. “When they were getting ready for auction of the federally seized property, they got permission to clean the shoreline earlier this summer.”
The association has actively been removing abandoned boats from the lake and the shoreline for several years because of safety and environmental concerns. The Georgia General Assembly approved line-item funding through the Georgia Department of Natural resources to provide money for removals on Lanier by the association. 
In recent months, the group has partnered with various regulatory, law-enforcement and judicial organizations to identify owners of abandoned boats and derelict docks and expedite removal. When owners can be identified through boat registrations or boat vehicle identification numbers, they are contacted to handle the removal or they are held responsible for the costs of removal. A situation that results in a vessel removal without the involvement of the association is rare.

“It’s gone,” Barker said with a smile. “After two years it’s finally out of there at no expense to the Lake Lanier Association or the taxpayers.”

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