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Atlanta Parrot Head Club celebrates 30 years

By Pamela A. Keene
Any fan of Jimmy Buffett knows the term “Parrot Head.” Back in 1989, a group of Atlanta Jimmy Buffett fans formed the first official Parrot Head Club to honor the singer. Little did club founder Scott Nickerson know that he planted the seed of a movement that now includes more than 200 Parrot Head Clubs around the world. 
In addition to the bonds of Buffett’s story songs, many of the clubs focus on community service, raising money for causes including breast cancer, Alzheimer’s and other causes. Statistically, the organization’s charity work is impressive, having raised more than $53.5 million since the group started gathering statistics about its charitable causes in 2002. Among the 200 chapters, members have contributed  more than 4.2 million volunteer hours as of 2018.
Parrot Heads in Paradise Inc.,, is the official umbrella website site of the clubs, sanctioned by Buffett himself. Its purpose is to bring Buffett fans together locally and at the annual Meeting of the Minds to be held in, of course, Key West, October 31 through November 2, 2019. 
The site also has individual club information and says that members will “engage in activities that are charitable, educational and that promote the general welfare of the community.” Parrot Heads in Paradise is a not-for-profit organization that works with community and environmental issues and provides social activities for Buffett fans and those interested in the tropical lifestyle. 
According to Billboard, Buffett has only logged one No. 1 solo hit on Billboard  – “Margaritaville” in April 1977 on the Adult Chart, and two No. 1 duets on the Country Charts – “Knee Deep” with Zac Brown that reached No. 1 in May 2011 and “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” with Alan Jackson in June 2003.
 Buffett doesn’t need charts and statistics. He’s known around the world, his popularity soaring  by word of mouth and hundreds of millions of loyal fans who turn out for sold-out concerts, many dressed in tropical clothes and funny hats bedecked with parrots, lobsters and other exotic animals. 
His fans know all his songs by heart. In fact, Buffett even released an album, “Songs You Know By Heart,” released as vinyl on January 2, 1985, and as a CD on October 17, 1990. His music continues to be timeless, his lifestyle the envy of anyone who still has a 9 to 5 job, and the good-hearted nature and positive outlook of his music inspirational. 
There are actually two Parrot Head Clubs in northeast Georgia: the Atlanta Parrot Head Club,, the granddaddy of them all, and the Lake Lanier Parrot Head Club, founded in 1994. Georgia has four other Parrot Head Clubs in Augusta, Carrollton, Rome and Savannah. Information about both clubs can be found on their respective websites. 
For information about Parrot Heads in Paradise, visit

Posted online 4/29/19
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