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Jul. 22, 2019
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Entrepreneur adds edge to his dock monitoring, moving business

By Pamela A. Keene
Before he was born, it was almost a guarantee that Bricks Hudgens was destined to own a business. Now, at age 19, he’s turned a part-time summer job into a full-fledged company, EasyLife Dock Monitoring, moving docks for homeowners around Lake Lanier. 
“When Bricks graduated last year from Hebron Christian Academy, he and all his classmates talked about their goals after graduation, and all the other seniors said things like engineering, technology and other jobs,” said his father Morgan Hudgens. “Bricks was the only one who said his goal was to be a business owner.”
Bricks tried college for a couple of months, but he soon called home and had a candid talk with his parents. “I realized that college wasn’t for me, and that I wanted to get started with my business,” he said. “My parents have been very supportive and encouraging.” 
Becoming an entrepreneur was practically bred into Bricks’ nature. His father Morgan has been a business owner for more than 21 years, starting Revelation Outdoor Company, a billboard firm in Athens in 1997. Morgan was an Amway dealer for a time.
In fact, that’s how Bricks got his name. Here’s the story: “My wife Heather and I were at an Amway seminar and the presenter’s first name was Bricks,” Morgan said. “He was a very strong and manly man. Heather and I looked at each other and said that it was such a powerful name that we wanted to name our first son after him.” That was 10 years before Bricks was born; even though they can’t remember the man’s last name, Bricks stuck with them.
“Along the way, we’ve always talked with Bricks about how to succeed, and he’s read plenty of books and really been committed to becoming an entrepreneur for years,” Morgan said. “And I’ve already seen how hard he works and how much he cares about the business and his clients.” 
EasyLife Dock Monitoring is incorporated, licensed and insured. “Now we’re in the marketing phase and we wanted to give the business an edge over the other dock monitoring and moving businesses here, so we’ve done a lot of research,” Morgan said. “Most companies monitor docks once a month, based on when the lake rises or falls at least two feet. We went back to the lake-level tables for the past five years and the lake has, on average, gone up or down two feet four to six times a year. We decided that we’d check each dock at least monthly and provide the homeowners with photos that include a GPS stamp and the date and time.”
Bricks said that he also checks each dock to ensure that boats are tied up well, that boating accessories like kayaks and furniture are secured and that dock boxes are locked. “We’re your eyes on your dock,” he said. “I had one client whose dock furniture was simply turned upside down on their dock, so I called them and suggested that it be tied down and locked. The customer agreed, so I went out and purchased cable and locks so it wouldn’t be blown into the water.”
To get customers, Bricks has been going door-to-door to homes around the lake. “I ring the doorbells or knock on doors, and if no one is home, I leave my proposal packet,” he says. “Sometimes homeowners answer through their ‘ring doorbell system,’ and we talk. I may get their emails so that I can follow up in a few days.” 
He has launched his website,, with the help of Blue Light Labs Multimedia in Flowery Branch. In the next month it will be expanded to include videos and more photos.
“My dad tells me there’s no free lunch and it’s hard work, but I’m ready to realize my dream,” Bricks said. “My goal right now is to have at least 100 customers.”
For more information about EasyLife Dock Monitoring, visit or call 770-831-3984.

Posted online 12/26/18
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