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Jan. 22, 2019
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Faith and hard work spell success for Bait Shack Marine

By Pamela A. Keene
Brandon Dockery told his father that he wanted to be a farmer when he was 10 years old, explaining that he would go to church on Sundays. The advice his father gave him back then is still with him: “As long as you put the Lord first, you’ll be a success.”
Fast-forward to two years ago. When Dockery, who was working in marine service, had the chance to purchase his former employer’s customer base he stepped up. About that time, he was able to sublet one of the buildings that formerly housed Bolling Bridge Marine on Ga. 53, moving into the building in 2016 and starting out by offering only service on boats and motors.
He said that the first three months the service business was open, he had no electricity. “We worked in the dark using generators,” he said. “And I worked harder than I’d ever worked before, because I was going to make this work.” 
In late summer 2017, the rest of the space opened up and he expanded the business into boat sales, taking over another of the three buildings on the property.
Bait Shack Marine sells Lowe aluminum fishing boats and pontoons, Bass Cat and Phoenix bass boats. “The fisherman is the one who puts food on the table, so that’s our customer,” Dockery said. “These are good fishing boats for Lanier.” 
Now Bait Shack Marine is a full-service sales and service business and his wife Benẻ works with him. “Without her, I wouldn’t be here,” he said. He currently has three employees, “but we’re always looking for more people to work with us who have a good work ethic, are dependable and teachable.” Business has been strong and steady.
“It just all worked out that I was ready to go into business for myself and everything else came together,” he said. “I’m a spiritual person and believe in a higher power. I really prayed about what to do when my old boss asked me to tie up loose ends for his business. “My mind went back to what I told my dad and with the help of the good Lord, that’s what we’re leaning on.” 
Bait Shack Marine is located at 4780 Dawsonville Highway, Gainesville.

For more info: or 770 889-3910.

Posted online 5/29/18
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