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Sep. 24, 2020
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Forsyth student wins water essay contest

By Pamela A. Keene
Chosen from more than 600 student essays in the 16-county Metropolitan North Atlanta Planning District’s Water Essay Contest, Forsyth County’s Saanvi Warke received first prize. She was recognized recently at the State Capitol and also at the January meeting of the Forsyth County Commission. 
The 11-year old daughter of Yash and Ashwini Warke is a 6th-grader at South Forsyth Middle School. Her essay, “Value Water, Consider Water, Save Lives,” told how much water her family uses daily and ways that people can conserve water and help their communities. 
“The Atlanta population continues to grow and we all need to  conserve water,” Saanvi said. “Since 2001, the population has grown by 1 million people and water withdrawals have reduced by 10%, which is a very positive impact of water management,” her essay read.
She did extensive research and reported about recent droughts and their affect on the state. She also brought her examples down to a personal level, relating how much water it takes to make one laptop computer – 88 gallons – and how not having a computer would prevent her from reading, researching and writing her essay. “If not for water, I wouldn’t be able to eat the juicy red watermelon growing in my backyard.” 
She cited statewide water statistics – Georgia’s average rainfall is 50 inches per year – and included resources such as My Drops Count, to calculate a family’s water usage. The essay offered tips: turn off the water when brushing your teeth, choose energy-efficient appliances and fix leaks immediately. 
“We are so proud of her,” said her mom Ashwini Warke. “Her writing skills are excellent and I credit her teachers and Forsyth County schools.”
Saanvi wants to be an astronaut and study aerospace. She is the oldest of three children in her family. She loves science, math and going to museums. She was awarded a cash prize in the 18th annual contest. 
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