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Jan. 22, 2019
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Give your dock a smart IQ

By Pamela A. Keene 
Matt Thompson looked beyond the traditional when developing his company, Dock IQ, that provides mobile monitoring for docks and boats. 
“We started out testing motion-sensitive cameras and found out very quickly that motion-based surveillance meant that dock alarms were going off almost all the time,” says Thompson, who has made his career as a successful entrepreneur. “A camera with motion detection will not solve the problem, because the dock moves all the time, birds fly by and any kind of motion will trigger them.” 
Thompson looked to technology to create Dock IQ, a laser-sensitive system that literally creates a laser fence around the dock to provide monitoring. “A video stream would involve a great deal of data transmission but with this technology we can do so much more.”
That “much more” includes monitoring the dock’s position, depth below the dock, water temperature and the ability to turn lights off and on remotely, sound a siren, and provide security monitoring. Dock IQ offers two applications – one for customers and the other for dock manufacturers and installers. 
“Dock IQ puts eyes on docks on demand, giving owners the peace of mind to have access to what’s going on with their dock and property from anywhere,” Thompson said. “When owners elect to also give their dock companies access, the professionals can also keep an eye on the dock and respond if a dock needs to be moved because water levels have changed or if a cable breaks and needs to be repaired.” 
The system is compatible with both iPhone and Android technology. Each app operates with a dashboard, customized to the application, that can be accessed at any time and provide real-time information and access. It’s connected through Wi-Fi. The cameras can provide adjustable views from wide angle to targeted by controlling them through the dashboard. The system can send alerts to dock owners and/or to dock companies.
The basic system includes one camera, a depth sensor and a wireless controller, that be connected to up to 15 devices. It can be upgraded with GPS tracking for boats and jet skis, plus a shock sensor. More cameras can be added.
Dock IQ is based in Dawsonville and works with several dock manufacturers/dealers on Lake Lanier, including Marine Specialties Inc. Systems can be purchased for existing docks or with new dock installations.
For more information, visit or call 404 444-1787. 

Posted online 1/29/18
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