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Aug. 6, 2020
11:31 am


Hammock Hollow is a cool place to hang out

The latest addition of Vision 2030 Public Art is now on display along the shores of Lake Lanier. The colorful structure, named Hammock Hollow, sits at Laurel Park in Hall County. It is built with colorful metal frames along with recycled sail cloths. It creates “lounging” for one or more (as in the case of the Richard twins). 
The structure also has three empty hook areas for visitors who want to attach their own hammocks.
According to designers, a focus of the project was to create seats, inspired by hammocks, that were made out of recycled or sustainable materials. The recycled sail cloth seats are made in California and connects the piece to the lake and the history of sailing and boating on Lake Lanier.
The project is the result of a partnership between Hall County Parks & Leisure and Vision 2030 Public Art.
“The beauty of public art is how the public engages, interacts and connects with a piece. Hammock Hollow allows people to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Laurel Park while catching sweeping views of the lake. With three permanent seats and a variety of ways a person can connect their own hammock to the structure, there are endless uses for Hammock Hollow,” said Allyson Everett, Vision 2030 Public Art board member.  
Funds from the 2018 Public Art Block Party were used for this project. Hall County Parks & Leisure provided the location and will maintain the structure/seats.

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