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Feb. 21, 2019
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HGTV comes to Lake Lanier

By Pamela A. Keene 
Monica and Bryan Pope found their dream home on Lake Lanier, thanks to an episode on HGTV’s “Lakefront Bargain Hunt” and Keller Williams Realtor Teresa Smith. 
“It was a really hard decision because there were things we liked about each home we saw,” Monica Pope said in an interview after the program aired on HGTV in late May. “We had a definite price range and were really pleasantly surprised by the choices.” 
In the televised episode, Smith, who has been selling homes on Lake Lanier for more than a dozen years, showed them four homes that were in their price range of $400,000 or less. They varied from a newer home with soaring ceilings to a more cozy cottage with a recently renovated kitchen.
The couple, both formerly in the Air Force, had spent a little time on Lanier. Monica rented a lake house for Bryan’s 40th birthday. “I really wasn’t much of a lake person, but because Brian loves the lake so much we decided to seek a home there,” she said. “We worked with Teresa, who was such a help and knows so much about the lake. We had a great time house-hunting.”
The chance to be on HGTV’s “Lakefront Bargain Hunt” was kind of a bonus for Brian and Monica, who celebrated their ninth anniversary last month. “We couldn’t tell anyone we were going to be on television, except for our immediate family, and they got to be with us at the end of the shoot.”
Monica said the process was very different than she anticipated. “I expected to be terrified, that they would tell us what to say and where to stand, but we were pretty much on our own,” Monica said. “The four days of filming were the most fun ever, and we had a blast. Everyone was so nice. The hardest thing was that we had to say things over and over so that they could film it from different angles.”
The program, Episode 809, showcased many features of Lake Lanier, including its having been the site of Olympic canoeing, kayaking and rowing in 1996. The show was interspersed with facts and figures about the lake, including the 39,000 acres of water and 690 miles of shoreline. Beauty shots of sailboats, wakeboarding, hiking in parks, and the lake’s wildlife and other activities dotted the 30-minute program. Each of the four homes have boat docks. 
“I always enjoy sharing the homes and beautiful views with people who want to live on the lake,” Smith said. “With so many choices, Lake Lanier is the perfect place to live.”
Smith specializes in selling homes on Lanier through Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners.

Posted online 7/27/18
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