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Jul. 2, 2020
3:46 pm


Improvements at Linwood Water Reclamation Facility

By Pamela A. Keene 
Boaters near Holly Park in Gainesville over the past several months may have noticed a construction crane hovering along the shoreline and barges in the water of Lake Lanier.
They signal work being done by the City of Gainesville to replace the outflow pipe at the Linwood Water Reclamation Facility.
“The infrastructure there is decades-old, put in when the lake was first being filled,” said Linda MacGregor, director of the Department of Water Resources for the City of Gainesville. “The replacement includes installing a 36-inch pipe and relocating the actual discharge point for the reclaimed water.” 
The new pipe will rest on the bottom of Lake Lanier at a depth of 1000 mean feet above sea level, 71 feet below the surface of the lake at full pool. 
“The new pipe will have an improved diffuser that will disperse the treated water into the lake and moderate its temperature as it enters the lake,” she said. “The end of the pipe will be about 800 feet from one side of the lake and 850 feet from the other.” 
The project, weighing in at a construction cost of approximately $2.7 million, is expected to be complete by late June. The older discharge pipe will remain at the bottom of the lake to reduce any disturbance of the bottom of the lake.

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