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May. 21, 2019
11:50 am


Lanier area dealing with near record lake level

By Alan Hope
In the last week of February, Lake Lanier posted its third highest water level in the reservoir’s 66 year history. And with it came lots of residential and business damage, ramp closures, and other related issues. 
The 1076.10 mark, which happened on February 25, left marinas and other facilities across the lake scrambling to handle problems caused by the high water. 
Hideaway Bay Marina closed its gas dock for a time. Twisted Oar restaurant at Holiday Marina was forced to close temporarily. Many other marinas dealt with dock ramps underwater. And the boathouses at Lake Lanier Olympic Park were flooded. The familiar tower at the park was surrounded by water and its first floor flooded.
Lake Lanier Olympic Park Manager Robyn Lynch said, “We are moving docks around and getting prepared for several college teams that are arriving on Saturday (March 2) for spring training.  When the water levels decrease, we will be able to assess the damage in and to the boathouse and equipment building and formulate a plan for cleanup.”
Business owners, residents and government agencies will all be doing the same once the waters recede.
The highest recorded lake level at Lanier was 1,077.15 on April 14, 1964, according to the Corps. 
Here are the seven highest Lake Lanier levels (provided by U.S. Corps of Engineers):
1077.15  Apr. 14, 1964
1076.20  Apr. 5, 1977
1076.10  Feb. 23, 2019
1076.05  Mar. 30, 1980
1075.99  Apr. 15, 1979
1075.75  Apr. 1, 1976
1075.43  Dec. 31, 2015
Lakeside will have a full report of the flooding and other related developments in the April issue.

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