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May. 21, 2018
2:55 pm


Lanier real estate is trending upward

The real estate market on Lake Lanier is wide open this summer, according to a recent report by Birmingham-based Lake Homes Realty. 
The brokerage has released its summer market report on lake real estate trends across Georgia and eight other Southern states. The information is sourced through reported MLS data, and covers all lake real estate in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.
Among Georgia lakes, real estate in Lake Lanier is running strong. In sheer market size, Lanier is the second-biggest lake in Georgia real estate, with roughly $530 million on the market. That number includes more than $375 million in homes, $115 million in undeveloped land, and $39 million in commercial property. 
This summer, home prices on Lake Lanier have had a slight 4 percent drop since the spring, to an average of $575,113. At the same time, the number of homes on the market has jumped 13 percent, to more than 650 listings.
Lake real estate typically shows a surge in activity during the summer months. Buyers are more interested when swimming, fishing, and other water activities are in season, and sellers know that. Many take the plunge and put their home on the market in the summer months. This leads to an overall increase in market size, with a wider range of homes available. Those looking for a home on Lanier will have a much easier time finding one today than even three months ago. 
Lanier has one of the most diverse inventories in Georgia. Roughly 18 percent of the homes are listed under $250,000, and nearly 50 percent of the homes are under $500,000. At the same time, there are a large number of high-end properties on Lanier. There are more than 60 homes listed above $1 million, and several above $2 million. 
With one of the largest lake markets, and a more affordable range than similar lakes, Lanier is one of the most accessible lake home markets in Georgia.
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