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Jan. 22, 2019
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Lanier resident’s lighthouses mimic the real thing

By Pamela A. Keene 
Steven Stull likes to work with his hands. For most of his life so far, he’s been involved in building things. 
As a teen, he worked on cars, mostly classic models. “My first car was a Stingray ’65 fastback that I bought from my high school general business teacher,” Stull said. “Ever since then, I’ve had a love of cars and doing fabrication work. Over the years, I’ve probably owned about 30 cars.”
Today at his lake house on the north side of Lake Lanier, he’s still making creations. His company, SWS Enhancement Systems Inc. fabricates displays for medical and health care trade shows and conventions. He is known for designing and building anatomical medical trainers that are used in teaching and exhibitions. He travels  throughout the year. 
When he’s home, he’s still working, but this time, he’s doing his own models and fiberglass fabrication. “I really like building scale light houses,” he said. “I have already produced replicas of the St. Augustine Lighthouse and the one at Bodie Island in South Carolina. I have blueprints of the St. Augustine Lighthouse and they have provided a great deal of detail.” 
The lighthouses are 12-feet tall and include a number of architectural details, including the railing around the top of the light, the lightning rod, period window and door frames. 
Stull creates the molds for components of the lighthouses, has the positives made, then assembles pieces. The lighthouses have about a 3-foot footprint. He suggests that they be installed on a flat platform with rocks around the base.
His home is filled with nautical décor that he created over the years. A former garage has been converted to a bedroom/sitting room with a wall of four bunks beds designed to look like they belong on a cruise ship. The master bedroom’s headboard is a gentle wave formation made of ledger stone with LED lighting. Another bedroom, called the Dock Bedroom, features a bed with rope-wrapped dock posts on the corners of the frame. 
He also came into possession of one of the helmets used in the TV series “Airwolf,” given to him by a friend in the Hollywood film business. “I’ve made molds of the helmet and recreate functional replicas,” he said. “In fact, 151 have been made so far. Some people use them as motorcycle helmets, but they shouldn’t. Others are kept by collectors.” 
He builds and makes accessories for model kits of the Rocketeer Rocket Packs. And he’s worked on several films in Atlanta, including “The Need for Speed” and “Spiderman.” 
Another of his current projects is building replicas of the 1958 Johnson Super Seahorse 35 outboard motors that are used as mailboxes. 
“I really like to stay busy,” Stull said. “I just have to always have something to do.” He said he’s interested in selling the lighthouses. For more information, call Stull at 561 213-4848.

Posted online 5/29/18
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