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Apr. 22, 2019
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Let The Pootoon do the dirty work on your marine toilets

By Pamela A. Keene 
The Pootoon on Lake Lanier is more than a mobile pump-out service. The company also provides repairs and inspections for marine toilet systems.
“My wife Tessa and I were on our way back from a cruise to Cozumel about 18 months ago and started talking about starting a business on the lake,” said company founder and owner Michael Moon. “We realized there was a market for a company that combined pump-out and repairs. Then Tessa came up with the name.”
The company currently operates a pontoon-based traveling pump-out and repair business on the lake. The couple lives in Cumming and travels the whole lake, with customers in marinas and private docks. He can also provide services for boats in private driveways and dry storage. 
“We’ve put a lot of hours on our motor since we launched the business,” Moon said. We’re on our second outboard motor and our third impeller since last spring.
In addition to pump-outs, Moon said that he sees many marine toilets that need repair, toilets that some boat owners would rather get rid of than bother with fixing them. 
“Sometimes it’s just a replacement of a joker valve, a duck-bill valve or a toilet bowl gasket to get it back in operating condition,” he said. 
Moon spent a dozen years in the automotive service industry, working most recently with Infiniti.
He recommends regular marine sanitary system maintenance to avoid issues. “Coming into winter, now is a good time to have your system checked out,” he said. “It can catch problems before they become worse.”
He also says that proper winterizing will help prevent issues using RV antifreeze. To help with odors, he recommends using a holding tank deodorizing product. “Be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle,” he said. “Most people just dump the product into the tank after they’ve been pumped out, but you really need to use it in between pump-outs, too.” 
Pootoon is licensed, permitted and insured. Moon encourages people to contact The Pootoon via text to 339 302-5310 or by filling out a service request form through its website at

Posted online 10/29/18
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