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May. 21, 2018
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Making movies a natural for two Lanier youth

By Pamela A. Keene 
Elijah Marcano and his younger brother Liam Peeples take being in the movies in stride. Elijah, 20, had a two-episode arc in Season 5 of “The Walking Dead,” filmed in Senoia and 10-year-old Liam’s film, “Champion” was released in mid-May. If they continue on their current paths, both will likely become household names in Hollywood. 
Liam – short for William – and his parents Will and Theresa Peeples live on Lake Lanier in Flowery Branch. Elijah just completed his second year at Kennesaw State University where he represented the school as mascot Scrappy the Owl. Liam attends a private Christian school in Hall County. In “Champion,” Liam plays the brother of the film’s main character. 
“Both of them are represented by Atlanta Models and Talent, and Elijah also has an agent in Los Angeles, so he’ll be moving there to continue college,” Theresa said. “We are so proud of both of them.”
Both Elijah and Liam have worked in print, television, film and commercials. Among Elijah’s recent roles, he was a guest star on “Chicago PD,” played Corey Feldman in an upcoming bio-pic about Feldman, and stage roles, including “Split in Three” at the Aurora Theater in Lawrenceville this past May.
“Elijah was not very athletic as a youngster and he was kind of on the small side, so he was more interested in drama,” Theresa explained. “In 6th grade he auditioned for a role in his class production of “Romeo and Juliet,” and ended up playing a very short Romeo to a much taller Juliet. He stole the show.” 
Theresa said that Liam really got into acting as a coincidence. “Elijah had some auditions with his agent at Atlanta Models and Talent and I had taken Liam with me. He was only 6 but he just sat quietly in the waiting room,” she said. “The talent agent asked who the well-behaved boy in the waiting room was and asked if he had an agent. See, they’re used to actors at that age often being fidgety, playing with video games, and she said that many directors are more interested in youngsters who can sit still, be well behaved and take direction. Being on a film set can be really boring.” 
She should know about being on set. Actors younger than 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when filming. Theresa relayed Elijah’s experience with his featured role in “Chicago PD.”
“He played an abused teen that was suspected of murder but in the end helped the police find the real killer,” she said. “They must have filmed each scene a dozen or so times, several takes from different angles, and all the time, Elijah had to be crying (in the scene). Afterward he told me he had an awful headache from having to crying so much. But that’s what acting is about.”

Posted online 7/31/17
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