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Jun. 24, 2018
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Pups can lounge in comfort

By Pamela A. Keene 
Thanks to some inventive entrepreneurs on Lake Lanier, dogs of all sizes can relax in safety in and around the water. They’ve created Lazy Dog Loungers, the perfect way for pooches to enjoy the water with their owners. 
Created by friends Josette Fleszar, Ginger Ackerman, and Bill and Julie Graves, Lazy Dog Loungers gives dogs a leg up. Designed so that dogs can easily crawl onto the stable rectangular floats, they are available in three sizes. They’re puncture-resistant and semi-submersible. Made from UV rated materials, they’re also durable. The patent is pending on the product. 
“We developed the Lazy Dog Lounger because of our English Cream Golden Retriever Sebastian,” said Fleszar. “He had this habit of chewing and ripping up so many floats that we had to do something. Julie suggested the idea and we created prototypes for all our dogs.” 
Between them, the four own five dogs. Sebastian is the largest. Then there’s the cocker spaniel Stetson, Savannah, a Yorkie, plus the Graves’ two Australian Shepherds Shelby and Sugar. “They all have their own loungers, and they use them all the time,” Fleszar said.
Last year, the company shared a booth with another vendor at the Atlanta Boat Show. This year, they set up their own booth. “It was a really good show this year,” Fleszar said. “We really concentrated on meeting other businesses that could carry the product and now we’ve got outlets in four states: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina. We’re so glad that more stores are beginning to carry our product.” 
Fleszar and Ackerman own a high-tech company as well. Jigsaw provides technology for virtual corporate training to films across the country. They also spend their time calling on potential dealers in the Southeast. 
“Anybody who has a dog that gets into the water needs to have a Lazy Dog Lounger,” Fleszar said. “It’s a great way for you and your dog to stay cool this summer.”
Lazy Dog Loungers are carried in marinas and pet stores. 
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