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May. 21, 2019
10:46 am


Quiet Dock reduces dock noise

By Pamela A. Keene
Does the clinking sound of your dock keep you from enjoying the peace and quiet of your time on the lake? 
Danny Rockett has a solution. He’s created “Quiet Dock,” a product that can reduce the noise of the anchor poles’ metal rubbing against metal. 
“It sounds like two spoons constantly knocking together, and it can ruin your enjoyment of your dock,” Rockett said, who did extensive testing on the product on his own dock and docks of friends before finalizing his design. He also worked with Martin Docks and Scott’s Dock Watch to do testing. “It took a while to come up with the best solution, but this really works.” 
The product designed for docks with pole-and-sleeve anchor systems, which he said is approximately 30 percent of the docks on Lake Lanier; it can be installed by the homeowner. He has tested the flexible sound-reducing foam sleeves to temperatures from -20 degrees to 110 degrees. 
“I’m a hands-on person who likes to solve problems,” he said. “Quiet Dock is a simple idea, but it really solves the issue and keeps your dock quiet.”
Rockett, who has a background mechanical and electrical engineering, has worked in the battery industry for 40 years. He holds three patents and has applied for a patent for Quiet Dock. He and his wife Claire moved to Gainesville and Lake Lanier 20 years ago.
“Quiet Dock is custom made and hand built in the United States to fit each individual’s dock system,” he said. “Your dock can still move up and down, but you’ll be rid of the noise so you can enjoy our dock and time on the lake.”
For info,, 561 504-2265.

Posted online 2/281/19
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