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Jul. 11, 2020
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Spider Diaper prevents boat messes

By Pamela A. Keene
A call from a marina in Oklahoma more than a dozen years ago opened a whole new line of product offerings for Shade Tree Fabrics, a Georgia company specializing in shade cloth for the agricultural and horticultural industry.
“When I got the call, I never even realized that people would have problems with spider droppings on their boats in slips,” said Jimmy Harris, owner of Shade Tree Fabrics, which now sells Spider Diaper across the country. “(The caller) described the problem, then we sent the marina some sample weights and thicknesses to find the best product for them. And since that time, we’ve been selling Spider Diapers to boat owners across the country.” 
The custom-made product is mounted below the roof of boat slips and catches debris and droppings before it falls onto boats and docks. It’s owner-installed.
“We are hearing that some people are using poison to control the issue, but we understand that it is illegal to use poisons on the lake,” Harris said. “This is a safe alternative to ridding your boat and dock from spider droppings.”
The product has a seven-year warranty against UV damage from the sun. And all components of the Spider Diaper, from the fiber to the grommets, are made in Georgia. Shad Tree Fabrics is based in Cornelia. 
“I didn’t invent the Spider Diaper,” Harris said, “but I did come up with the name. It’s very descriptive.” 
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Posted online 5/28/19
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