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Oct. 19, 2018
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Teak Mafia: High-end woodwork enhances boat functionality

Boat furnishings as art? That’s the goal for Chris Goins, owner of Teak Mafia, who makes furniture and accessories for boats.
“Bringing in a little more teak or mahogany to make extra seating in the galley or some well-placed cup-holders can change the feel of your boat,” said Goins, who’s also a consulting engineer for manufacturing process who works around the country. “What I create is functional art, because for me it’s all about perfection and quality.”
Goins is happy that 100 percent of his Teak Mafia business is referral-based. “Whether people have bought a new boat or are doing a renovation, I can help them, and I’m more affordable then purchasing stock items from the manufacturers.” 
Currently, he said he has a waiting list of about four months; it takes about two months from the time he contracts with a client until the work is complete. He has done work for clients across the country.
Each item is hand-crafted, based on initial consultations with potential clients. “I ask them how many people are typically on the boat, where they tend to gather, and what they’re looking for to enhance their boating experience,” he said. He chiefly works with teak and mahogany, adding stainless and other accents and inlays to the brightwork he creates. “It may be a swim platform or a salon table, but each piece is custom made.”
His manufacturing consulting is his day job. “My goal is to help bring manufacturing back to the United States by helping companies automate their processes,” he said. However, his passion is woodworking. “Most of the time people can find me in my wood shop on nights and weekends.”
Goins, who grew up in Norcross, spent several years in Colorado working with big-name toy designers. About five years ago he moved back to Georgia to be near family. He lives in Roswell.

2018 will see positive changes for Teak Mafia. Goins is moving to a new location closer to the lake. He’s also adding ceramic coating and new finishes for some of the pieces he makes. “I’m also adding new inlay designs.
Goins, 32, said he looks at everything he does as a challenge, a way to broaden his learning.
“If I’m not working on something complicated, I’m not happy,” he said. “In boats, there are no straight lines and doing this type of high-end woodworking keeps me on the steep end of the learning curve, which is where I work best.”
For more information, call Teak Mafia at 770 896-7517 or check out the Teak Mafia page on Facebook.

Posted online 12/27/17
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